• Workshops

    • Junior high students, high school students, and adults will have the opportunity to take Taller printing workshops/classes throughout the year.  The goal of the workshops/classes is to teach the silkscreen process. A second goal is to tap into the innate creative qualities of community members and introduce new cultural experiences through this creative art process.  The gallery will offer students of the Taller workshops the opportunity to exhibit the prints produced in each class.

  • Artists Programs

    • Atelier
      The Atelier provides artists with the opportunity to develop their skills and experience, build a body of work, and foster their creative development. TANA’s facilities are a resource to the artists in their investigation of the silkscreen process. TANA staff and master printers assist artists in translating their creative ideas into printmaking.

    • Artist-in-Residence
      The Atelier program also sponsors and features an Artist-in-Residence who works collaboratively with a master printer to produce limited edition silkscreen prints. Of the edition produced by the Artist-in-Residence, half is given to the artist; the other half becomes part of TANA’s collection. These are used to fundraise through exhibitions and print sales. The prints are also archived and are available for exhibitions at other locations locally, nationally, and internationally.

  • Theater

    • TANA works closely with theater groups such as Sacramento’s Teatro Espejo and the world-renowned Teatro Campesino to develop original plays addressing issues relevant to the Chicano/Latino community.

  • Murals

    • TANA artists and students work to create murals that address issues relevant to the local community and serve to bring art and culture to the general public.